Emptying the Cup: Unleash Your Enthusiasm

In this portion of the Individual Apprenticeship Patterns, it gives an overview about how the new coming of an apprentice can impact a development team that is filled with well-experienced craftsmen or developers. Apprentices by their nature are new, and inexperienced first hand, and therefore they are open to learn ideas and techniques used by the craftsmen around them. Assuming that most of the experienced craftsmen have 10-20 years experience, they are unable to further their skills because their only primary concern is to just get the job done or delivering the next project.  In order for a development team to improve its dynamics with new ideas and techniques, the apprentice can be one of the main components to improve or repair the team’s passion and enthusiasm.

“Most teams are not hyper-passionate or overly enthusiastic about technology. Predictably, they are focused on delivering the next project or improving on the aspects of the development life cycle that are causing them pain. Therefore, enthusiastic apprentices can often succumb to the urge to fly under the radar.”

The quote struck out to me because it shows the apprentices can give in or succumb to the ways of the experienced developers. As an individual, I want to be the type of person to bring enthusiasm to the team and to allow a flow of passion and excitement into the team. To me, maintaining a positive vibe and atmosphere allows everyone in the team to communicate effectively and consistently.

“On a team that is open to the excitement and contributions of an apprentice, you will provide some unique qualities that more experienced developers rely upon, such as unfettered imagination and enthusiasm. This is the time in your career when it makes the most sense to take risks and speak your mind. You have very little to lose. Your ideas and passions will add intelligence and diversity to your team.”

I found this quote extremely useful because it supports my idea that as a team member, having a passion about the work environment or project can bring positive outcomes for the team, and good things will happen. I fully agree with this Apprenticeship pattern because it promotes an amusing and enjoyable atmosphere for every team member, which can be traced back through the conscious or subconscious actions of the apprentice.


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