Walking the Long Road: Draw Your Own Map

In this Apprenticeship Pattern “Draw Your Own Map”, it explains the importance about creating and managing your career path once you are exposed in the software development environment. A couple of key points that the pattern states are:

  1. Your manager, professors, or colleagues are not in charge of where you position your career as a software developer.
  2. Your are responsible for your destination and goals.

These couple of points emphasizes the concept of a software developer’s individuality. It is true that within the software development field, everyone is a programmer and creates many different types of software. It is up to you as an individual to take steps towards what you aspire to do and become within this field of development. One quote that stood out to me was this one below that talks about your vision of goals versus the employer’s vision for you.

“If you find that your vision of yourself is not in accord with your employer’s vision for you, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reconcile the differences, examine other opportunities to see if they’re heading in the desired direction. Remember, there isn’t one single path that all apprentices follow. Instead, successful apprentices follow paths that share a certain family resemblance. These resemblances do not happen because apprentices are inexorably shepherded into making the same decisions by their mentors. They happen because each apprentice, consciously or not, chooses their route through life based on an overlapping set of values.”

I agree with this idea because it seems like it will be the most realistic to me once I start working for a company that may not have the same vision for my career as I do. This idea also will allow me to change the way on how I would manage my goals and career paths while working in the field. I will continuously plan and weigh options that would be available to me out there in the software development field since there are many companies and employers to work for. It goes back to the concept of leaving your current job for a better one because it does not meet your intended needs or it doesn’t help you grow in the field. For me, I’d like to work for a place that respects my needs and aspirations. As a future video game developer, I want to have that luxury of being able to grow into a successful video game developer and there would be nothing more  important than that.



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